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We are the top wedding planner team in Japan

We, Haute couture Design team, do not have any packages. We plan weddings, parties and events whatever and wherever you want to have for example at the museum, cafe, restaurant, etc. We also plan a wedding trip too. You can invite the loved ones and have a memorial trip together! We promise you to give the unforgettable weddings and parties to make your dreams come true with our perfect services. We produce the one and only special spaces. This is Haute couture Design team.


We have been nominated in the 2019 edition of the ELLE International Bridal Awards, in the category of Best Wedding Planner.


The results of the wedding



  1. 01


    We have a skype meeting to know about party’s image.

  2. 02


    We suggest our design and an estimate before we will make a contract.

  3. 03


    Arrangement about concept, place, design, items, time schedule, transportation, activities and so on.

  4. 04

    04.PARTY DAY

    We do final checking with a bride and a groom.


  • Yuko Nogami

    Yuko Nogami

    She’s been planning weddings for 15 years.
    She planned the weddings to the famous actors, actresses, sports players, models and Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS.
    2014, October we, Take and Give needs, opened the dress shop “MIRROR MIRROR” and she was chosen to be a producer.
    She imports dresses and design dresses as well.

  • Hitomi Kashiwagi

    Hitomi Kashiwagi

    She is a specialist on flower designer.
    She used to be a supervisor at the company which has Shanghai Branch.
    Since 2013, she works at Take and Give needs.
    She planned the weddings to the famous actors, actresses, sports players and models.
    At the same time, she designs high fashion brand parties as a flower coordinator.

  • Keiko Yabushita Carneiro

    Keiko Yabushita Carneiro

    She used to live in America and Brazil. She of course learned languages and cultural differences but also learned a lot of different things from the volunteering organization which she was in.
    She realized that making people happier actually makes her delighted. So when she came back to Japan, she decided to be a wedding planner to make it happen.
    Now she is in the Haute Couture Design to spread the weddings which are with magnificent Japanese four seasons all over the world.


Production Fee
One million yen/one day

If you have destination weddings, the production fee can be changed depends on the content.

If you have questions, Please contact us!